Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, medical doctor, MD, MPH,
Contribution: The Life in Gaza and Broken Dreams (workshop 1 1/2 hours)

Samih al Qasim, Arabic author, Neve Schalom Arab-Israeli peace-village, Israel
Contribution: "Lorca Protected His Smile - I Protected My Tears"... poets, writers, scientists and all human beings must protect their humanity. (workshop 1 1/2 hour)

Alfred R. Austermann
Contribution: Understanding Neo-Nazi? (workshop 3 hours)

Bettina Austermann, MA in social science
Contribution: Understanding Neo-Nazi? (workshop 3 hours)

Alexander Badken, MD, psychologist, trauma work with families , Russia
Contribution: Three Facets of The Other (workshop 2 hours, short-lecture, small group experience, discussion)

Dr. Hunter Beaumont, clinical psychologist,systemic constellation work, Germany-USA
Contribution: "When I Wasn't"Myself. Object Relation Theory and State Specific Memory, Learning and Behavior and Identidity" (workshop 3 hour)

Francesca Mason Boring, systemic constellation work, USA
Contribution: "Honouring the Wisdom of the Collective Field" Having the Courage to Know (workshop 3 hour)

Tineke Brackel, consultant
Contribution: From CQ ( collective quotient) to IQ, the world upside down or not?’ Or You only can learn to Swim when you are in the Water. (workshop 1 1/2 hour)

Niklaus Brantschen, Lassalle Institute, Zen-ethic-leadership projects, initiators of the trans-confessional/political Jerusalem project, Switzerland
Contribution: Jerusalem, Open City for Learning World Peace (workshop 3 hour)

Sandy Campbell, founder of the Working Rite - in Scotland which supports teenage boys grow into employabel mature young men.
Contribution: Working Rite - Everybody Remembers Their First Boss (workhsop 3 hours)

Zita Cox, psychotherapist
Contribution: Environmental Constellations and Climate Change - an Eco-Psychology workshop (workhsop 3 hours)

Wilfried De Philipp, systemic constellation work, Germany
Contribution: "Face of Love" (workshop 1 1/2 hour)

Antonia Dohmen, teacher at a technical college for German language and design
Contribution: Identity and Experiencing the Other:Growth and Transformation.A dialogue between children of Holocaust survivors and children of Nazi-perpetrators. (post-workshop 6 hours together with Dr. Samons Munn)

Ulrike Donat, lawyer and Mediator (BM und BAFM)
Contribution: Concepts of the enemy in political conflicts (workshop 1 1/2 hour)

Prof. Hans-Peter Dürr, Prof. Dr.Dr.h.c.nuclear physicist, philosopher,alternative Nobel prize, Germany
Contribution: Living Identities -Holistic Aspects of Identity (keynote lecture and 1 ½ hour workshop)

Ingrid Ebeling, psychologist and founder of the Institute for Development Consultancy
Contribution: The story of an encounter (World Cafe 2 hours)

Freda Eidmann, systemic constellation work, Germany
Contribution: "I am not YOU and know YOU not" (workshop 1 1/2 hours)

Siegfried Essen, clinical psychologist ;lutherian Theologian, systemic constellation work, Austria
Contribution: I-Self-Constellations (workshop 3 hours)

Prof. Claus Eurich, scientific research on consciousness, spirituality and ethics, Germany
Contribution: "The Path of Mindfulness" Empathic communication as a key for understanding, forgiveness and reconciliation (Lecture)

Kriminaloberrat Bernd Wagner Exit Deutschland, social work with former young Neo-Nazis, (after they left the organization) and their families
Contribution: How National Socialism Creates Identity - How Withdrawal of the Neo-Nazi Movement Changes Identity (Vortrag 50 min.)

Daniela Falkenberg, lawyer and mediator for family,school and working issues
Contribution: "Questions of Identity" - Experience of Cooperation between Germans,Israelis and Palestinians in "Friendship Across Borders-FAB" (workshop 1 1/2 hour together with Sara Hofri-Eflal, Israel)

Hans-Joseph Fell, member of the German Bundestag, Green party, expert on alternative energy resources, Germany
Contribution: "Everybody is in favour of climate protection, but only a few take adequate actions. Is it always the others who are responsible? Or: How shall we generate new social forces?" (Plenary speech and workshop of 1 ½ hours)

Monika Fell-Hagen, psychologist, meditation teacher, Germany
Contribution: "Know the Male - Yet Keep the Female" (Laotse) (Workshop 1 ½ hour)

Dr. Merle Friedman, Clinical Psychologist, South Africa
Contribution: Identity and Experiencing the Other: Growth and Transformation (panelworkshop 3 hours, together with Samson Munn)

Cheng Lap Fung, M.A. in management Science, concsultant, NLP-Trainer,Systemic Constellation work in China
Contribution: "We are ..... You are"? Insider - Outsider in Chinese Culture (workhsop 3 hours)

Prof. Hajo Funke, sociologist-political scientist, expert on right-wing extremism Germany
Contribution: Extreme Right Wing Feeling and Thinking - how can we react on it? (lecture 30 min and 1 1/2 hours dialogue)

Prof. Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, psychoanalytical understanding of large group trauma, South Africa
Contribution: Of Victims and Perpetrator:Witnessing Ubuntu – the Human Moment; Witnessing Outrage – Escape from Guilt? (main lecture)

Prof. Amit Goswami, quantum physics, philosopher, USA
Contribution: Consciousness: The New Paradigm (keynote lecture)

Prof. Dr.Arno Grün, psychoanalyst, psychologist, author
Contribution: Childhood and the Loss of Reality: The Chance for Democracy (lecture and 1 1/2 hour workshop)

Pia Gyger, Co-leader of the peace-project "Jerusalem - Open City For Learning World Peace", Zen Master and author
Contribution: Jerusalem - Open City for Learning World Peace (workshop 3 hour)

Dr. Stephan Hagen, MD, physician for transpersonal psychotherapy, Germany
Contribution: Understanding Identities - the Claritiy of the Hearts opens up (Workshop 3 hours)

Stephan Hausner, systemic constellation work, Germany
Contribution: The Meaning of Healing Means Selfhealing (3 hour workshop)

Dr. Ruth Henderson, Forgiveness Project, University Boston, USA
Contribution: The Experience of Forgiveness: A Psycho-Spiritual Approach to Individual and Collective Wisdom (2 hour workshop)

Sara Hofri-Eflal, high school teacher:bible, creative writing
Contribution: "Questions of Identity" - Experience of cooperation in the organization, Friendshop Across Borders-FAB, between Germans,Israelis and Palestinians and in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. (workshop 1 1/2 hour together with Daniela Falkenberg, Deutschland)

Mag. Lydia Hopfgartner, 20 years professional experience as accountant and tax consultant
Contribution: The myth of power woman or woman power ()

Thilo Hoppe, member of the German parliament (Bundestag) Alliance 90 ( political party comprising members of the citizen movements of former ast Germany / The Green Party
Contribution: About the Affiliation of the Evil (workshop 2 hours)

Thomas Hübl, trans-confessional spiritual teacher, Germany
Contribution: The Transparent Reality (Toning, Lecture, 3 hour workshop)

Vlado Ilic, systemic constellation work, Serbia
Contribution: "Kosovo Belongs to Us" A Never Ending Story (1 1/2hour workshop)

Prof. Satsuki Ina, psychotherapist, specialized in trauma-therapy, work with Japanese US-Americans, USA
Contribution: Children of the Camps: Personal Healing Journey of Japanese Americans held In American Prison Camps during WWII (3 hour workshop)

Willigis Jäger, Zenmaster, trans-confessional spiritual teacher, Benedict monk, Germany
Contribution: The Healing power of our deepest Being (conclusion-lecture 60 min)

Mamoun Kassem, A Palestinian academic, 44 years old, from East Jerusalem
Contribution: The Palestinian People: No Peace Without Justice (lecture 45 min)

Robert Kenny, scientific research on collective wisdom, USA
Contribution: Building Collective Wisdom in Your Family, Team, Organization and Community (Beginner) (3 hour workshop)

Nitai Keren, consultant
Contribution: Identity and Experiencing the Other:Growth and Transformation.A dialogue between children of Holocaust survivors and children of Nazi-perpetrators (panelworkshop 3 hours, together with Samson Munn)

Wolfgang-Uddhar Könighaus, Meditiation teacher, Systemic Therapist
Contribution: Children of the World - Intercultural Systemic Work (workshop 3 hours)

Guido Kratz, artist, painter, ceramic
Contribution: Love, Sorrow and passion - the art to portray a joint vision with colours and canvas - working jointly to creat a networkpainting. (workshop 3 hours)

Peter Kreisz, systemic therapist
Contribution: About the Affiliation of the Evil (workshop 3 hours together with Thilo Hoppe and Prpf. Anna Lübbe)

Prof. Werner Krieglstein, Philosopher, scientist for religious education - author of: "Collective Orchestration" and "The Wisdom of Fields", USA
Contribution: From Collective Orchestration to Colony Collapse - Unlocking a Secret of Nature (workshop 2 hours)

Dirk Kuhl
Contribution: Identity and Experiencing the Other:Growth and Transformation.A dialogue between children of Holocaust survivors and children of Nazi-perpetrators (panelworkshop 3 hours, together with Samson Munn)

Dr. med. Ilse Kutschera, MED Internist, specialist in psychotherapeutic medicine; author
Contribution: The myth of power woman or woman power (workshop 3 hours)

Brunhilde Leseberg, Gestalt- therapist , Supervisor
Contribution: Children of the war (bonr 1939-1945) remember for the future (workshop 1 1/2 hour)

Henriette Lingg, self employed business consultant in Munich, Germany
Contribution: Systemic Constellations help to decide undecidable problems (workshop 1/2 hours)

Prof. Anna Lübbe, Lawyer, Systemic Meidator, Conflict Researcher. University of Applied Sciences Fulda/Germany
Contribution: The Worlds most expenvise concert ticket. On turning Points in Large Group Conflicts (lecture 45 min)

Dr. Albrecht Mahr, MD, psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, family therapist,Germany
Contribution: Political Systemic Constellations (workshop 1 1/2 hour)

Brigitta Mahr, Yogateacher , conference and seminarmanagement, founder of "Friendship Across Borders-FAB", peace iniative, training German, Israeli and Palestinian youth to become Peace Carriers*
Contribution: "Let me see through your eyes" The Peace Carrier* Training of Friendship Across Borders - FAB - NGO (lecture 45 min)

Fabian, Patrick Mayr, MA,MPhil, Dipl. Betriebswirt
Contribution: From Conflict resoution to conflic transformation through political constellations (workshop 1 1/2 hour)

Dr. Chiara Hayganush Megighian-Zenati, Dr. phil from University of Vencie in Armenian Language and Literature.Her Thesis is an original research abotu the Armenian writer and solcial activist Srpuhi Dusap. She is founding member of the association "Padus Araxes". USA, Armenia
Contribution: The Effect of the Armenian Genocide Denial on Turkish-Armenian Relationship (workshop 2 hour)

Wim A. Minaard, Jurist, Facilitator, Coach, member of the "International Forum Political Constellation" IFPA
Contribution: Systemic Topicalties. The Connection of "We-Power" to the Collective Field. Topical social-political issues explored with a systemic constellation. (workshop 2 hours together with Tineke Brakel) Samson Munn, Medical doctor, Lecturer at Tufts Medical School ( Boston), group facilitator ( see. USA
Contribution: Identity and Experiencing the Other:Growth and Transformation.A dialogue between children of Holocaust survivors and children of Nazi-perpetrators. (panelworkshop 3 hours, together with Dr. Merle Friedman, South Africa,Dr. Fatma Kassem, Israel, Dirk Kuhl, Germany Prof. Bjön Krondorfer, Germany. Antonia Dohmen,Germany, Dirk Kuhl, Germany)

Steve Olweean, clinical psychologist, director of the Common Bond Institute, President of International Humanistic Psychology Association, focus on the international conflict transformation, USA
Contribution: Psychological Concepts of "THE OTHER": Embracing the Compass of the Self. Lecture and discussion. (3 hour workshop)

Prof. Nicanor Perlas, Sociologist, agricultur scientist, author and environmet activist
Contribution: The Lemniscate Process:Enabling Individuals to Heal Identity Conflicts and Shift World Events (lecture 50 min)

Mark Pevzner, expert on trauma, work with families, Russia
Contribution: Three Facets of The Other (workshop 3 hours, short-lecture, small group experience, discussion)

Chava Pinhas-Cohen, poet, editor of "Dimui" Jewish literature magazine, Israel
Contribution: "The Other" in the Jewish Myth (Workshop 3 hour)

Dr. Fatmeh Qassem, Dr. Qassem is sociologist, lecturer at the Dept. of Behavioral Science at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, in Beer Sheva, Israel, there she also recieved her phD. Currently she spend an academic year at the Institute of Advanced Studies at the FU University in Berlin
Contribution: Identity and Experiencing the Other: Growth and Tranformation (post-workshop 6 hours together with Dr. Samons Munn)

Dr. Hedwig Raskob, Theologian and Psychotherapist
Contribution: Dynamics of Conflict Positions regarding the Israel-Palestine-Conflict - political constellation work (workhsop 3 hours)

Uta Marie Reinbach, is graduated as physical therapist, breathing therapst and bodyworker, Germany
Contribution: The Consciousness in my Hands (workhsop 3 hours)

Gerburg Rohde-Dahl, film maker
Contribution: An Open Field - A film documentation about Memorial to remember the Murdered European Jews in Berlin (film documentation 80 min)

Claude Rosselet, lic. oec. HSG,founder of Inscena, Systemic consultation GmbH Männedorf, Swiss, Several years of experience as manager in leading Swiss corporations
Contribution: Systemic Constellations help to decide undecidable problems (workshop 1 1/2 hours)

Jim Rough, consultant,President of Jim Rough and Associates, Inc. and co-founder of the Center for Wise Democracy
Contribution: In-conference Wisdom Council Experiment (an event throughout the whole conference) Schade, psychoanalyst, psychotherapist
Contribution: The Power and Limitations of Leipzig (lecture and workshop 2 hour)

Dr. Otto Scharmer, Otto Scharmer is a Senior Lecturer at MIT and founding chair of ELIAS (

Dr. Herrman Scheer, member of the German Bundestag, socialist party, SPD, President of EUROSOLAR, alternative Nobelprize, president of the world council of renewable energies, Germany
Contribution: Mental opposition to Renewable Energies (lecture 50 min)

Johannes B. Schmidt, Psychologist M.D.
Contribution: Beyond the Collective (workhsop 3 hours)

Sneh Victoria Schnabel, system constellations, rituals and soul work
Contribution: Fear and Love (workshop 1 1/2 hours)

Jakob Schneider, systemic - constellation work, Germany
Contribution: The perception of th " Bad One" Between Victims and Perpetrators (workhsop 3 hours)

Wolf Schneider, editor and publisher of the magazine "connection-spirit"
Contribution: Profiling - From No-Name-Product to Personality. The art of branding in spirituality and econocmy (Vortrag 50 min.)

Georg Senoner, MBA, Founder of Systemic Management Consulting in Bozen, Italy
Contribution: Systemic Constellations help to decide undecidable problems (workshop 1 1/2 hours)

Sixth Sense in Service, The international group Sixth Sense in Service, dialogue with nature
Contribution: David Bohm's Dialogue Approach and Team-oriented Constellation Work as Related Methods for discovering Creative Solutions to Conflitcs (lecture)

Guruji Sri Vast
Contribution: Naturalisation of Mankind (evening presentation on Friday May 9th 20:00)

Gabrielle St. Clair, M.A. in Fine Arts, Education and Pedagogics, Body Psychotherapist
Contribution: Eros, Presence of Being and Flow (workhsop 3 hours)

Dr. Dimitris Stavropoulos, Dr. phil. psychologist, sociologist, philosopher, studies in Munich, Germany
Contribution: The Double Nature of Wounded Identity (workshop 2 hours)

Dr. August Thalhamer

Claude AnShin Thomas, Zen-monk, former soldier in the Vietnam war, focus on meditation in violent conflicts, USA
Contribution: The Danger of the Old and long Established Lies of "Violence" (workhsop 3 hours and lecture 45 min.)

Dr. Franziska Pyar Troll, medical doctor, general practitioner in own practice, main emphasis homoeopathy since 1992
Contribution: Identification, Self Conscious Individuality and endless mutual connection (workshop 2 hours, short-lecture, small group experience, discussion)

Galsan Tschinag, writer, poet, journalist, Mongolia
Contribution: Only together The Old and The New can exist - We and You keep walking (lecture 45 min and workshop 1 1/2 hours)

Rafi Twizer, teacher for Jewish philosophy and religion at the high school and rabbi pf the youth movement "Bnei Akiva" in Ofakim
Contribution: Religious Leaders - A Solution for the Middle East Conflict (lecture 50 min)

Daan van Kampenhout, Systemic constellation work, schamanic rituals, author
Contribution: The Tears of the Ancestors (workhsop 3 hours)

Prof. M.D. Vamik Volkan, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, University of Virginia, Charlottsville VA, USA
Contribution: Killing in the Name of Identity (keynote speaker 45 min / 1 1/2 hour workshop)

Berchthold Wasser, Forest Engineer ETH. Training for facilitating constellation work from Karl-Heinz Rauscher (D), Daan van Kampenhout (NL), and Francesca Boring (USA). .
Contribution: David Bohm’s Dialogue Process: An Approach to Communication that Brings us Together (Lecture 50 min. hour Co-facilitator Ken Sloan (1946), Management Consultant (MIT).

Dr. med.Gunthard Weber, medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychotherpist, systemic facilitator, Germany
Contribution: What to do, in case reconciliation or Commitment are not possible (workshop 2 hours)

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