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Guruji Sri Vast, Guruji Sri Vast is an enlightened spiritual Master from South India, a visionary who devoted his life to bring an ecological era. Guruji emphasises on ecology and practical spirituality and his message is "Celebration of Life as a way to total Liberation". His profound teachings have transformed the lives of thousands of people around the world towards a more simple, ecological and celebrative everyday life experience.

Based on Guruji Sri Vast Teachings a living and learning community has been established in South India, where people from different parts of the world gather to experience and explore the teachings in practical life. The wisdom shared initiates ecological awareness, a transformational spirituality and a sustainable future for all.

Guruji has initiated many educational projects in India concerning sustainable development for indigenous groups, ecological movements, poverty eradication and nature conservation. At present Guruji is engaged in the Global Cooling Campaign which promotes positive changes towards cooling down the planet.

Sri Vast International Foundation, Syrenväst 20, Schweden 31042 Haverdal
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evening presentation on Friday May 9th 20:00

Naturalisation of Mankind
Guruji Sri vast brings an insight on how our social, ecological and current emotional situation is based on our misinterpreted understandings of human life on earth. Guruji is inviting for a radical change towards our approach on us and our social values. Our highly sophisticated and domesticated lifestyle made a great impact on our planet and also how we feel about ourselves. This made wars against ourselves and the nature. Life became a problem and constantly we look for solution rather than celebrating this existence. Guruji Sri Vast’s present thought is provoking an insight to enquire the root of our development of human identity, the spiritual quest towards total liberation, the conflict of the mono cultured mind and how our collective wisdom can bring positive changes towards a sustainable future for all and cooling our planet.

"Only a person who is able to celebrate this wonderful world, can save this world." Sri Vast


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