Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

The four aims of the conference

Identity - when we stop moving and adhere to our first and familiar certainties on "I am", our world is full of others that seem strange, eerie or threatening to us. An identity caught in such standstill is the source of fear, hostility and the readiness for war. But we have the irresistible tendency to unfold and to grow into ever larger spaces. In that spaciousness another much more stable identity is waiting for us: generous, inclusive and compassionately humane with all others. It is the first aim of the conference to support us in that movement.

Spirituality - is the heart of all religions beyond denomi­nation, and the fundamental need of every human being. It is our strongest longing and our natural right to experience the primal quality of love in ourselves, in all and in everybody. All our development serves that movement. A clear consciousness of these basic facts and corresponding practical paths should become the fundamental science in politics, step by step - another understanding of "realpolitik".

Conflict transformation, reconciliation - identity and spirituality soon lead us to our personal and collective conflicts as well as to personal and collective guilt and to its transformation into compassion and creative expression. We wish to deal with the capacity and the limits of reconciliation and forgiveness that is challenging us through past and current violent conflicts. Our focus will be the Middle-East conflict, the application of truth and reconciliation work from South Africa in other contexts worldwide, and the German-German development including the Neo-Nazi resurgence.

Collective Wisdom - both the natural outcome and the precondition for the first three aims. We are deeply convinced that many current manifestations of blindness and destruction evoke a strong impulse of positive balance and transformation that seeks expression in new and surprising ways such as an increase in individual and in shared heart-intelligence and the emergence of collective wisdom in politic movements or scientific creativity.

Collective Wisdom live:

The design of the congress supports the whole-congress group and its sub-groups to become themselves a vivid experience of collective intelligence and of wisdom in action.

Wissende Felder