Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Dr. Chiara Hayganush Megighian-Zenati, Dr. Megighian-Zenati is member of the "society of Armenian Studies". She has translated into Italian the poems of the Armenian poet Daniel Varujena " Hatzin Yerke". She is certified Family Constellation Facilitator from the Hellinger Institute of. Washington D.C. In April she conducted a workshop at Forham University, NY, organized by Dr. Kalayjian, on the subject "Family Constellation, Genocied and Denial". She has been invited to present the Family Constellation work at the UN, New York in a session called "Huamn Right Violations and Recovery".


workshop 2 hour

The Effect of the Armenian Genocide Denial on Turkish-Armenian Relationship
The relationship between Turkey and Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora is the focus of this study. Through a brief description of the historical facts and events that have marked these countries, the perspective of Constellation work will be offered to address some of the issues that create conflicts between the Christian Armenian and the Turkish ethnic groups. Particular attention will then be devoted to the issue of "denial" of responsibility of wrong doing from a Constellation perspective, specifically the denial of any responsibility on the part of the Ottoman Government in the systemic suppression of 1,5 million of Armenian recognized officially and unofficially as Genocide by most of the governments of the western world. The missed recognition of The Genocide committed by the Ottoman Government is still a painful wound in the Armenian society in Armenia and in the Diaspora. Constellation work can be a powerful approach in the direction of reconciliation.


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