Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Dr. Stephan Hagen, Dr. med., licensed physician specializing in psychotherapy, instructor for gestaltt therapy, deep psychology, body-focused psychotherapy, NLP. Za-Zen student of Roshi Willigis Jäger, Clarity Process ® trainer, instructor for meditation, seminar instructor for Transpersonal Psychology.

Anemonenweg 11 A, 97084 Würzburg, phone: 0049-931-67841, Email:


Workshop 3 hours

Understanding Identities - the Claritiy of the Hearts opens up
What we have stored in us as desire we defend in the world.
What we reject in us we fight in the world.
What we have enlightened appears as love in the world.
If we stand as enemies opposing each other in the world of binaries, each over-identified with their well-intended beliefs and making the Other their opponent, caught in the matrix of victim versus wrong-doer, we do not understand that the world is round and revolving. There is a greater law, beyond or within polarity. Sages recommend finding the moment in constant turning where one can get out of this spinning wheel of "I am good or bad, right or wrong"
into the "I Am". A prerequisite for this is to see one?s own identity, to understand it and to grow beyond it, to see oneself as a part of something, to wake up in the great circle, to gain an overarching perspective. To find incarnation in the polar world means connecting oneself with "my " identities from early childhood and thus to create my "being in this world".What served you to avoid pain becomes an obstacle for the path to happiness nowadays?
In conflict we are often caught up in trances of early childhood or traumata; it is on the level of projections that we subconsciously and in inner turmoil live through the unhappiness we encountered as child.
When we go through personal life crises and painful experiences such as a divorce, illnesses, unemployment ect., this forces us to see the reason for and the roots of these identifications which have become too limited, too restricting.
as mechanisms of survival dating from pre-birth, birth, or early childhood (early years) as fixations reflection the archaic space of "previous lives"as traumatic experiences encountered later like violence, sexual abuse, war ect.
Developing awareness, we can discover, understand and solve our deep-rooted identities. Through this often long-lasting process of awakening and melting with the consciousness of
the here an now, we can transform our restricted personal experience to greater transpersonal existence, we can be in the Now, which is another expression for "Love".
This workshop will be supported by transparencies, many examples from therapy seesions and a workshop with Quantum Light Breathing, guided meditation with words and CD music
Similar to holotropic breathing.


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