Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008


Dr. Uma Krishnamurthy, is married to Prof. Amit Goswami. She is a psychiatrist by training with twelve years of experience in the field before she surrendered her practice.
Born into a family of Theosophists dedicated to lecturing and teaching on spiritual topics. Uma Krishnamurthy grew up in an atmosphere deeply imbued with spirituality and concern for universal human well-being. From her early teens, she assisted her father in running spiritual retreats. She qualified as one of the early child psychiatrists in India, and spent the first year of her career working with children, parents and teachers in Bangalore. In parallel
with this she continued to assist her father on his retreats and began, herself, to lectures on spiritual topics. She also is trained (to a high level of proficiency) in classical Indian dance (Bharatya Vidya). She is a pioneer in the field of Yoga-psychology. The transformation of emotions is currently her main area of research


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