Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008


Daan van Kampenhout, Netherlands, Daan van Kampenhout blends aspects of family constellation and shamanic rituals with chassidic songs and prayer as a way to enter the fields of trauma on the family and the collective level. He works in Europe, Israel and the USA. Author of six books, his work has been translated into 7 lanugages. His new book " The Tears of the Ancestors" will be released in Germany in spring 2008.

Adresse 10092, NL-1001 EB Amsterdam,The Netherlands


workshop 6 hours

The Tears of the Ancestors
Daan van Kampenhout integrates elements of shamanic rituals and concepts about the nature of the soul into the family constellations.. By combining the representation of family members and ancestors, prayer and singing, a field is created in which the clients can meet their family and ancestors, and tears, healing and blessing are shared. The best term to summarize this process is "systemic ritual". Coming from a mixed Jewish and non-Jewish background, I often use systemic ritual in large groups for both perpetrators and victims.
Through examples of the work with clients from different ethnic and religious groups, I present and explain some of the principles and methods used in large groups for both perpetrators' and victims' children and families.
By combining the technique of representation, prayer and singing, the participants will get an experiental taste of "systemic ritual" that can be used to find fitting and safe ways to navigate through the fields of unresolved collective trauma in order to find new strength and dignity.


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